Led By Dr. Alan Morinis and Rabbi Avi Fertig


February 19- March 1, 2017




Day 1, Sunday, February 19, 2017




  • Departure from the United States




 Day 2, Monday, February 20, 2017




  • Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport, with assistance from Makor Educational Journeys representative.

  • Head north to Kibbutz Lavi, with its mountain top views, situated close to the Kineret.

  • “Ice Breaker” and Festive Welcome Dinner at the Kibbutz.




Overnight: Kibbutz Lavi Hotel




Day 3, Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Observing Rav Yisrael Salanter’s Yartzeit with an Orientation


Kallah and Special Visit to Acco


  • MUSSAR KALLAH led by Alan Morinis and Avi Fertig: Orientation and "Meditations and Reflections on Rav Israel Salanter". 

  • Lunch at the Kibbutz.

  • Special Visit to Acco and the Synagogue of the RAMCHAL (Moshe Chaim Luzzatto).  Learn the stories and study the words of the RAMCHAL, especially his influential Mesilat Yesharim and hear the story of the synagogue from the Shamash, as it has come down to us through the centuries.  Time for meditation and prayer.

  • Return to the Kibbutz for dinner and an optional opportunity for home hospitality with kibbutz members to hear about changing life on kibbutz today.




Overnight: Kibbutz Lavi




Day 4, Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Magical City of Tsfat


  • Guided visit through Tsfat, exploring the alleyways and stories that have made Tsfat the city of mysticism and secrets, including a dialogue with a kabbalistic artist. Free time to wonder around the artist colony and market with its unique Jewish art.

  • Hour of Reflection in the Abohav Synagogue on the life and work of Yitzchak Abohav, author of Menorah Ha’Maor. 

  • Short nature walk up part of a tree-lined trail on Mt. Meron with a chance to hear stories about the sages connected to this area.    

  • Boat ride and dinner on the Kineret.




Overnight: Kibbutz Lavi




Day 5, Thursday, February 23, 2017


To Jerusalem…


  • Depart for Tiberias.

  • Visit the graves of the Rambam, Rabbi Akiva, his wife Rachel, and the Ramchal.  Explore how their teachings have become some of the most significant anchors of Jewish tradition.

  • From Rachel to Rachel….Continue to the Kinenret Farm Cemetery, where the great Zionist pioneer thinkers and poets lived, are buried, comparing Rachel of Akiva’s life story with that of Rachel the Zionist Poet.

  • Drive through the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem.

  • Welcome to Jerusalem ceremony at Mt. Scopus for an overview of the city and an opportunity to recite the traditional shehechianu prayer. 

  • Straight to the Kotel to experience the site the Jews longed for during 2,000 years of exile.  Alan Morinis and Avi Fertig share some reflections and give everyone a chance to take in this most sacred location.

  • Check into the Mt. Zion Hotel in Jerusalem.

  • Dinner at the Mamilla Mall.

  • Jerusalem Night Spectacular (sound and light show) at the David Citadel Museum.




 Overnight: Mt. Zion Hotel, Jerusalem




Day 6, Friday, February 24, 2017


Out and About in Jerusalem


  • Short teaching after breakfast to begin Shabbat preparations: “Shabbat Through the Lens of Musar,” with Rabbi Bill Berk.

  • Choices:


  1. Visit Yad Vashem, the Jewish National Memorial to the six million victims of the Holocaust, including the Historical Museum for first time visitors and the Holocaust Art Museum and Archives for return visitors.

  2. Head back 3,000 years with a visit to the City of David and take in the newest excavations. Walk through the newly discovered tunnel linking the City of David to the Kotel.


  • Lunch at Macheneh Yehudah, Jerusalem’s famous outdoor market.

  • Prepare for Shabbat.

  • Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel or one of Jerusalem’s synagogues.

  • Festive Shabbat Dinner at the Hotel.

  • Oneg Shabbat.




Overnight: Mt. Zion Hotel, Jerusalem




Day 7, Saturday (Shabbat), February 25, 2017


A Jerusalem Shabbat


  • Choice of free morning, davening in a local synagogue, “shul hopping—trying out various synagogues in Jerusalem,” or a guided walk through Jerusalem, exploring the multi ethnic Jewish weave of the city, especially in Nachlaot, Israel’s most pluralistic neighborhood.

  • Return to the hotel for Shabbat lunch.

  • Free time for rest and relaxation.

  • Afternoon Shiur with Alan Morinis or Avi Fertig.

  • Home hospitality: Seudat shlishit and havdalah at the home of Rabbi Bill and Batya Berk.

  • Dinner on your own and free evening in Jerusalem.




Overnight: Mt. Zion Hotel, Jerusalem




Day 8, Sunday, February 26, 2017




  • Study with some of the greatest living Mussar teachers in Israel: Rav Reuven Leuchter, Rav Naftali Kaplan, Rabbi Tzvi Miller, Rabbi Yehudah Mendelson.  Sessions moderated by Alan Morinis and Avi Fertig.

  • Free evening and dinner on your own.


Overnight: Mt. Zion Hotel, Jerusalem




Day 9, Monday, February 27, 2017


Yeshiva Day


  • Visit the famous Mir Yeshiva, again meeting faculty and students and hearing about Mussar in the 21st century.

  • Lunch en route.

  • Drive to the Reishit Yeshiva in Beit Shemesh, an English speaking yeshiva which has a strong focus on traditional and contemporary Mussar in the curriculum and which is located in a very impressive modern campus, learn with students and rabbis.

  • Visit the Bibical Zoo and see what middot can be learned from the animals.

  • Visit the home of Rabbi Avi Fertig in Beit Shemesh for cocktails and home hospitality dinner.




Overnight: Mt. Zion Hotel, Jerusalem




Day 10, Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Before Heading Home…


  • Morning Processing Session—What Have We Learned?  A chance also to hear any of the Mussar teachers unable to make our earlier Kallah.

  • Choice:


  1. Tour the Israel Museum—one of the world’s finest museums.

  2. Return to the Old City for a walk along El Wad St. (Rehov HaGai) to the Austrian Hospice and ascend to the roof for a bird’s eye view of the Temple Mount, intricate alleyways of Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter and the skyline of the Jewish Quarter.


  • Return to the hotel to refresh and prepare for the trip home.

  • Festive Concluding Dinner and opportunity to share the impact of this experience.

  • Depart for Ben Gurion Airport       


Overnight: Flight


Wednesday, March 1, 2017


  • Depart on return flight to the United                                                                              





Add-Ons: Sign on for two additional days and nights of travel, learning, and adventures in Israel at the conclusion of the Mussar Study Trip to Israel