Temple Ahavat Achim

Israel Tour

Led by Rabbi Steven Lewis


Day 1: Monday, February 18, 2019


Note: The first day’s itinerary will be subject to change depending on when the flight arrives.




  • Arrival to Israel. Assistance through landing procedures and meet your Makor guide.

  • Proceed to Tel Aviv


  • From the Four Corners of the Earth, welcome program from the Jaffa overlook, overlooking the Mediterranean where, the gateway to the Land of Israel for centuries

  • Tel Aviv as a Jewish City, Tel Aviv as an Israeli City…Tel Aviv as a City of the World, with scholar Rachel Korazim at her home in Jaffa.


  • Check-in hotel


  • Opening dinner + introduction/orientation TBA


Overnight: Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv


Day 2: Tuesday, February 19, 2019




  • Breakfast at the hotel.


  • Visit a Hi-Tech company in the Kiryat Atidim Hi-Tech complex.


  • Independence House: Israel as a Start-Up Country


  • Stroll down Rothschild Blvd, a quasi "open air” Bauhaus museum lined with many buildings designed by 1930’s European immigrant architects influenced by the work of the architectural “International Style”. Some 4000 Bauhaus buildings were built in the 1930s – a development which turned the fledgling Tel Aviv city center into a forward looking architectural gem.


  • Tasting tour of Levinsky Balkan Spice Market. Lunch on own in the market


  • Urban art tour in the bohemian Florentine Quarter: Explore one of the most thriving street art scenes in the world.


  • Dinner on own


Overnight: Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv


Day 3: Wednesday, February 20, 2019




  • Breakfast at the hotel


  • Travel to the Ariel Sharon Park


  • The former Hiriya waste dump that was shut down in August 1998 and its surrounding area have been renovated into an environmental park, Ariel Sharon Park that boasts 3 recycling facilities Guided tour of the site to learn how see how RDF (refused derived fuel) Hiriya, the largest and most advanced multi-reuse facility in the world is operating to turn waste into an energy resource.


  • Weather permitting, possible to ride bikes/hike


  • Study session The New Israeli Spirituality with BINA – The Jewish Movement for Social Change.


  • Lunch on own during a guided walk through Neve Zedek, one of the first neighborhoods outside Jaffa and home to author S.Y. Agnon, Israel’s first Nobel Laureate, with an opportunity for exploration and shopping.


  • Meet with a representative from the Masorati movement at the Neve Schechter – Legacy Heritage Center for Jewish Culture in Tel Aviv’s Neve Zedek : Issues and Challenges of the Masorati Movement in Israel


  • Tour Sarona, once a flourishing Christian Templar agricultural settlement in the midst of the isolated plains north of Jaffa. Today it is transformed as the exclusive business park in the heart of Tel Aviv while at the same time preserving the character of the Sarona neighborhood, its buildings and deep-rooted plants. 


  • Dinner on own

Overnight: Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv

Day 4: Thursday, February 21, 2019



  • Breakfast at the hotel and check-out.


  • Proceed south


  • Visit Rahat, a Bedouin village to learn how these now semi-nomadic people are dealing with challenges of modernity.


  • Lunch with the Culinary Queens of Yerucham, a social business project in which Yerucham women host groups in their homes for a rich meal of ethnic delicacies, home hospitality and stories


  • At a relatively advanced age, first prime minister of the State of Israel, David Ben Gurion, and his wife, Paula, "retired" to the Negev with a cry that others should follow. He is buried in Sde Boker overlooking the valley that the children of Israel had come through on their way to the Promised Land, Nahal Tzin.


  • Proceed to Jerusalem


  • Check-in hotel


  • Dinner on own.


Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem



Day 5: Friday, February 22, 2019




  • Breakfast at the hotel


  • Briefing: The Western Wall (Kotel)- Azrat Yisrael: Decision or Derision? with Atty. Susan Weiss, founder and CEO of the Center for Women’s Justice which is representing the Original Women of the Wall in the Supreme Court

  • Enter Old City through Jaffa Gate. Encompass the Old City of Jerusalem by following the "Ramparts Walk" along the top of walls were built by the Ottoman ruler, Sultan Suliman the Magnificent


  • Guided tour Jewish Quarter with emphasis on First and Second Temple Walls, including the Western Wall.


  • Lunch on own in the Jewish Quarter


  • Travel along the line of the wall that used to be the border between Israel and Jordan (1948-1967).


  • Tour the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood, bordering on the Palestine Authority. Accompanied by Dr. Herschel Katz, urban planner, participants will see the security barrier and its effect on the neighborhood as well as the invisible social, economic and religious barriers between the 4 main population groups in the neighborhood.


  • Shabbat dinner at the hotel with the family of Yosef Abramowitz, President and CEO of Energiya Global Capital as well as co-founder of the Arava Power Company. and his wife, Rabbi Susan Silverman, an activist for religious pluralism and international adoption.


Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem



Day 6: Saturday, February 23, 2019




  • Breakfast at the hotel


  • Morning at leisure

  • Lunch on own


  • Options:


  • Walk/tour along the 3-mile urban exercise route: Read fitness information on signs shaped liked walking silhouettes; work out on four different machines artfully arranged in a park that operates by utilizing calisthenics to obviate the need for actual weights; drink at several route-side water fountains; and even can weigh yourself on a solar-powered scale. And learn about Jerusalem as you go along!


  • Israel Museum (on own)


  • Shabbat afternoon walk through Yemin Moshe with the poetry of Yehudah Amichai in hand.


  • Havdalah


  • Dinner and evening on own


Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem




Day 7: Sunday, February 24, 2019



  • Breakfast at the hotel and check-out


  • Neot Kedumim, the Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel, a living museum of Israel's "green archeology” creating an ecological awareness as expressed in Jewish tradition and heritage. The chief focus will be on the ever-important water issue and creative solutions from the past and the present.


  • At Neot Kedumim plant a tree: Our tradition teaches: If you are about to plant a tree in Israel and the Messiah arrives, finish planting the tree, and then go out to greet the Messiah.


  • Proceed north along the Trans-Israel Highway for a security seminar along the Seam Zone between Israel and the Palestinian territories. Stops at several observation points to understand geopolitical realities.


  • Lunch on own en route


  • Beit Shearim is a famous archaeological site due to its catacombed- necropolis. Jewish families from many countries around Israel who requested to be buried in the Land of Israel close to Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi whose tomb is located in one of the tomb clusters.


  • Travel to Hararit

  • Participate in a spiritual workshop with Gabriel Meyer HaLevy of The Human Program.


  • Note: Or you can invite him to the hotel


  • Check in hotel


  • Dinner at the hotel


Overnight: Nof Ginossar


Day 8: Monday, February 25, 2019




  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Travel to the Golan


  • With jeeps, drive across the Golan Plateau to Mt. Bental with both nature and stories from the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars. Overlook Syria, for an in-depth briefing on the geopolitics and security situation on Israel’s northern borders.


  • Lunch on own


  • Visit the Golan Brewhouse where you can learn how beer is made, see the beer in the making and taste 4 different kinds of beer.


  • The earliest major wave of immigration, the First Aliya, created small agricultural colonies along the coastal plain. Rosh Pina, established in 1882 was the first settlement in the Galilee. Stroll about the village’s cobblestone streets, reminiscent of old European towns and follow in the footsteps of Zionist pioneers.


  • Proceed to Maghar and participate in an authentic Druze cooking workshop that afford you a hands-on, true to life cultural immersion that’s not just about good eating but rather about exploring foreign cultures through taste smell and experience.


Overnight: Nof Ginossar


Day 9: Tuesday, February 26, 2019




  • Breakfast at the hotel.


  • Proceed to Haifa


  • Overlook on to Haifa from the Yefe Nof Promenade.

  • The city of Haifa boasts an intercultural society Beit HaGefen Jewish-Arab Cultural Center works to creatively to bring together the various religions, cultures and nationalities living in Israel. As part of the “Art of Shared Society” project, participants will trace the art route the Beit HaGefen “Museum Without Walls” through the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood.


  • Social Action Project with Haifa P2G Partnership


  • Lunch on own


  • Meet with Sivan Ya’ari, founder of Innovate Africa, a not-for-profit that brings innovative solar and water technologies to remote African villages


  • Proceed to Tel Aviv


  • Check-in day-use rooms

  • Afternoon at leisure


  • Optional walking tours in Tel Aviv


  • Bike riding


  • Farewell dinner TBA


  • Proceed to Ben Gurion International Airport for your departure flight