Sunday, October 28, 2018


  • Depart United States


Overnight: Flight



Monday, October 29,  2018

Welcome to Israel – ברוכים הבאים

  • Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport with special group arrival procedures with a representative of IGT/Makor.

  • Drive through the Ayalon Valley to Tel Aviv.

  • Bruchim HaBaim – ברוכים הבאים    - Welcome  Ceremony at the Jaffa Overlook on the arrival shores of Israel. Hear the story of Jaffa from the time of Jonah the Prophet until the great return to the land of Israel that happened at this beach starting in 1881.

  • Check in to Prima Tel Aviv  Hotel

  • Festive welcome dinner at a Tel Aviv Yemenite restaurant.


Overnight: Tel Aviv, Prima Tel Aviv Hotel


Tuesday, October 30,  2018             

Tel Aviv: the First Hebrew city

  •  Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Opening Program at Independence Hall, where the State of Israel was established in 1948.

  • Walking Tel Aviv: Neve Tzedek, Nahalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall and Arts & Crafts Fair, and the Carmel Market. Lunch at the Carmel Market or the Levinsky Market.

  • Visit Rabin Square and the memorial to one of Israel’s greatest leaders.

  • Guided visit to the Palmach Museum, an interactive experience showing the trials and triumphs of the pre state elite fighting unit which was so important to the founding of the state and the formation of the Israel Defense Forces.

  • Return to hotel for rest and relaxation and free time to take in the Beach and Promenade and Port of Tel Aviv.

  • Free time and dinner on your own.


Overnight: Tel Aviv, Prima Tel Aviv Hotel


Wednesday, October 31,  2018

Israel's Coast

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Depart Tel Aviv for Northern Israel.

  • Drive along the Coasal Road to Caesarea.

  • Guided visit through Caesarea, one of the most important cities in the Land of Israel during the Roman Period, explore the Roman Theater and Hippodrome and walk along the beach promenade past the Roman Palace  and Bath House, to the Crusader Port city. 

  • Visit Atlit, site of the British detention camp for “illegal” Jewish immigrants between 1945 and 1948.

  • Continue to Haifa and a walk along the Louis Promenade for a view of the Bahai Gardens from above.

  • Drive to Rosh Hanikra.

  • Ride the cable car to the Grottos at Rosh Hanikra, for an opportunity to walk through the naturally hewn grottos on the shores of the Mediterranean.

  • Continue to Kibbutz Kfar Giladi.

  • Check in to the Kibbutz Hotel, Kfar Giladi.

  • Dinner at the Kibbutz.

  • Optional: Home hospitality with a kibbutz family.


Overnight: Kibbutz Hotel, Kfar Giladi, Upper Galilee


Thursday, November 1,  2018

Nature Security and Spirituality 

  • Breakfast at the kibbutz hotel.

  • Drive across the Golan Plateau to Mt. Bental – Overlook Syria, for an up-to-date brieifing on the delicate relationship between Israel and Syria.  Visit with IDF soldiers guarding the border.  Guided visit through some of the historic locations where the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War were fought.

  • Guided visit through the magical city of  Safed, its alleyways and synagogues, using the stories of the mystics as a guide, followed by a meeting with  Kabalistic Artist Avraham Lowenthal.

  • Return to the guesthouse for rest and relaxaiton.

  • Dinner on your own either in Safed or at the kibbutz.


Overnight: Kibbutz Hotel, Kfar Giladi, Upper Galilee


Friday, Novemer 2, 2018

A Mosaic of Israel

  • Breakfast at the kibbutz hotel.

  • Nature walk through on the Tel Dan Reserve, along the Dan River,  concluding at Tel Dan itself, one of Israel’s most significant Biblical sites and considered by many to be the premier archaeological site in the land of Israel.

  • On the way to Jerusalem stop at Qasr El Yahud, seen by Christians as the possible site of Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist and by Jews as the possible site where Joshua led the people crossing into the land of Israel.

  • Introductory visit to the Old City of Jerusalem, walking from Jaffa Gate along the rooftops of the Old City to the Kotel (Western Wall), for a glimpse of the extraordinarily diverse make-up of the city.

  • Rabbi Suzanne Singer offers a reflection prior to giving everyone time to take in this place and this moment.

  • Check into the Prima Royale Hotel.

  • Enjoy free time as you prepare for Shabbat.

  • Kabbalat Shabbat at one of Jerusalem’s synagogues or at the Kotel, followed by a festive Shabbat dinner at the hotel.


Overnight:  Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem


Shabbat, November 3, 2018

A Jerusalem Shabbat

  • Breakfast at the Hotel.

  • Choice of free time, synagogue hopping, attending sevices in one of Jerusalem’s synagogues, or a walking tour with Rabbi Singer of some of her favorite neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

  • Free time—optional visit to the Israel Museum, or explore the Old City.

  • Home  Hospitality—late afternoon at the home of Rabbi Bill and Batya Berk—with light refreshments, Havdalah, and stories about Jerusalem and Shabbat.

  • Dinner on your own.


Overnight:  Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Its All Happening in the Desert

  • Breakfast at the Hotel.

  • Driove to the Dead Sea Basom and ascend Masada by foot up the Snake Path or via Cable Car and  begin a guided visit of this ancient fortress and exploration of some of the questions the Masada story raises vis a vis Jewish life today.   

  • Stop at a Dead Sea Hotel, with an opportunity to float in the Dead Sea and relax at the Spa and pool, followed by Lunch.

  • Continue to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and walk through the Nahal David desert oasis to the Ein Gedi waterfall—with Bible in hand read about King David (who spent a lot of time at this spot) and listen to his poetry. 

  • Return to Jerusalem.

  • Dinner on your own followed  by the Jerusalem Night Spectacular—sound and light show at the David Citadel Museum.


Overnight: Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem


Monday, November 5 , 2018

Shaking Up the Present and Exploring the Distant Past

  • Breakfast at the Hotel.

  • Meet Anat Hoffman or Noa Sattath, leaders of IRAC (Israel Religious Action Center) for an update on recent struggles for pluralism in the State of Israel.

  • Guided visit through the City of David, with Bible in hand, exploring the origins of Jerusalem, and walk thorugh the new tunnel which connects the City of David with the Davidson Archeaeological Park along the Southern Wall excavations.

  • Continue to the Jewish Quarter.

  • Guided walk through the Jewish Quarter, including the Western Wall Tunnel Tour and another opportunity to experience the Kotel (Western Wall).  Tour concludes on Mt. Zion. 

  • Dinner on your own and free evening.


Overnight:  Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem


Tuesday, November 6, 2018  

Memory and Renewal

  • Breakfast at the Hotel.

  • After breakfast speaker from the Rabbis for Human Rights.

  • Visit Yad Vashem, Israel’s  National Memorial to the Six Million Jews Killed in the Holocaust, including the Avenue of the Righteous.  

  • Concluding memorial service and chance to process the experience.

  • Lunch en route.

  • Drive to Beit Guvrin to participate in an active archaelogical dig at Tel Maresah.  Get ready to dig through layers of history.

  • Return to Jerusalem.

  • Free time and dinner on your own.


Overnight:  Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem


Wednesday, November 7, 2018                          

A Mosaic of Jerusalem

  • Breakfast at the Hotel.

  • A guided walk around the neighborhood of Rehavia, using the untold stories of Zionist leaders, their hopes and loves,their triumphs and tragedies, including personalities such as Yitzhak and Rachel Yanait Ben Zvi, Menahem Usisshkin, Golda Meir and her Kitchen Table Forum, Rachel the Poet, and David Ben Gurion as  head of the “State in the Making.”

  • Guided Tour through Israel’s most famous outdoor market, Macheneh Yehudah, followed by lunch at the market.

  • Walking Tour of Israel’s most pluralistic neighborhood, Nachlaot, across the street from Macheneh Yehudah. 

  • Return to the Old City for an in-depth guided tour beneath the surface in the Jewish and Christian Quarters.


  •  The Art of Jerusalem, visit the Ein Kerem neighborhood for a glimpse into one of Jerusalem’s most quaint areas, including visits with artists in the neighborhood and the historic sights in the hometown of John the Baptist.

  • Return to hotel.

  • Free time, summation discussion, and Festive Concluding Dinner

  • Depart for Ben Gurion Airport.


Overnight: Flight


Thursday, November 8, 2018

  • Arrive home back in the United States.