Once I was sitting on the steps near the gate at David’s Citadel and I put down my two heavy baskets beside me. A group of tourists stood there around their guide, and I became their point of reference. “You see that man over there with the baskets? A little to the right of his head there’s an arch from the Roman period. A little to the right of his head.” “But he’s moving, he’s moving!” I said to myself: Redemption will come only when they are told, “Do you see that arch over there from the Roman period? It doesn’t matter, but near it, a little to the left and then down a bit, there’s a man who has just bought fruit and vegetables for his family.

Amichai, Selected Poems 137-38,  From A Great Tranquility: Questions and Answers (1980)

Please join us on our upcoming TAA trip to the Land of Israel!  As the poem above suggests, we will try to give our attention to the lived realities of Israelis as we explore the beauty, complexity and challenge of modern Israel.  My hope as leader, through group discussion and short readings, is to cultivate curiosity and humility to help us experience Israel in a new way.  If you have any questions about any aspects of the trip, please contact me directly to discuss them.  I hope you can join us for the journey.



Rabbi Lewis