Group Flight Information

Flight to Israel:

Depart Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport on 25th December at 9:15 am on flight UA 3537 to Newark Airport. Arrive in Newark at 12:47 pm. 


Depart Newark on 25th December at 4:15 pm on flight UA 84 to Ben Gurion Airport.


Arrive in Ben Gurion Airport on 26th December at 9:35 am.

Flight to USA:

Depart Ben Gurion Airport on 5th January at 11:10 pm on flight UA 91 to Newark. Arrive in Newark on 6th January at 4:35 am.

Depart Newark on 6th January at 8:00 am on flight UA 3423 to Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport.


Arrive in Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport on 6th January at 10:15 am.

$1,754 per person

*Price may fluctuate minimally due to change in taxes

Cancellation between September 19th and November 19th will incur a $200 cancellation fee

Cancellation after November 19th will not be refunded